Location: We are located in Cookeville TN. We welcome you to schedule a visit!!

What if I am Too Far Away to Drive?: We offer courier service! We do not ship our puppies via air cargo. (It is much too stressful on most puppies and so many things can go wrong.) Couriers make their living by flying with dogs in the passenger cabin and hand delivering your puppy to your airport. This way your puppy is attended the entire trip. Cost for courier service is usually around $1,000. We have found that it is well worth the price!

What is a Parti Yorkie?: These special Yorkies express a recessive gene that has been around as long as there have been Yorkshire Terriers. Many Yorkies carry the Parti Yorkie gene without anyone knowing it. When two Yorkies that carry the Parti gene are bred, the result can produce a tri-colored Parti Yorkie. Because the Parti Yorkie does not have YTCA breed standard coloring, most Yorkie breeders have denied the Parti Yorkie. For many decades, these “off standard” puppies have been culled from litters. In 1999, a special breeder set out to fight the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America and prove to the AKC to have the Partis are, indeed, full blooded Yorkshire Terriers. Thanks to a few special Yorkie breeders, the DNA of over 40 Parti colored Yorkies was submitted to the AKC. The DNA proved that these dogs were indeed full blooded Yorkies. As a result, the AKC granted full recognition of Parti colored Yorkies.

​How Much do They Cost?: I usually don’t price puppies until they are 10 weeks old. Many factors determine puppy pricing. (male vs. female, projected adult size/weight, color, coat texture, baby doll face, correct conformation, etc.) . Most puppies will be priced from $2,500 and up (pet price). Once a puppy is priced, that price is subject to change until a deposit for that puppy is received and pick puppy chosen. Prices are non-negotiable. I do not give discounts for two puppies purchased at the same time. In my experience, my demand is much greater than my supply. In most cases, our puppies have been sold before they are old enough to go to their new homes.


How Do I Reserve or Purchase a Puppy?: All Yorkie puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis. This means that no puppy is considered sold until a deposit for that puppy has been received and the funds clear the bank. A $500 deposit is required to hold your puppy. Please contact me via phone before placing a deposit. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!! You can, however, transfer your deposit to a different puppy, if you have not yet selected your “pick puppy”.  The remaining balance is to be paid with cash only, on pick up day.

About “Teacup Yorkies”: Many people are looking for “Teacup” Yorkie puppies or Teacup Yorkie Breeders. Please understand – there is NO AKC classification for Teacup Yorkshire Terriers! AKC breed standard for Yorkie weight is 4-7 pounds. People searching for Teacup Yorkies for sale or Teacup Yorkie breeders, are basically looking for extra small Yorkies who will mature in the 2 to 3.5 pound range – under breed standard. These special puppies are in high demand. I do not intentionally breed for Yorkie puppies that will grow up to be under breed standard. However, in the process, I do sometimes produce “Teacup Yorkie puppies”. If you are wanting an extra small Yorkie, please consider a few things. Sometimes puppies stay extra small due to health issues. Teacups are also much more prone to over-stressing and developing hypoglycemia, coccidia and giardia. I do not wean them as quickly, so they are not ready to go to their new homes as soon. Also, sometimes, Teacup Yorkies can have shorter life spans. Please be wary of breeders who specifically breed for “Teacup Yorkie puppies”.

Sales Contract: Our Yorkie puppies are sold with a sales contract. Most all Yorkie puppies for sale will be sold with limited AKC registration. Some puppies will be sold with a spay and neuter contract and the buyer will receive limited AKC registration papers only after satisfactory proof of spay or neuter has been received from your vet. I will ask potential buyers a lot of questions. (I expect anyone interested in our puppies to ask many questions too!) This is to help insure that I match the right puppy to the right home. When I bring a puppy into this world, I feel that I am, in many ways, responsible for the well-being of that puppy for it’s entire life. My sales contract stipulates that I be given “first right of refusal” if, for some unseen reason, you cannot keep a puppy/dog purchased from Northshore Yorkshire Terriers. (Please note – this does not imply that you will be refunded the full purchase price of the puppy.) I reserve the right to cancel a sale, at any time, before the puppy goes home. If I should cancel a sale, any and all money paid to me (including deposits) will be refunded in full. I will be happy to send you a copy of a NYT Sales Contract upon request.

Additional Questions: My preferred method of contact is by phone. However, if for some reason you do not hear back from me right away, please send a note to my email address. Please call with any additional questions you may have. Don’t worry about being pressured into a sale. I hate being pressured myself and am here to help if needed – even if you are purchasing from another Yorkie breeder.

Todd Johnson (615) 603-0203