Our Yorkies

QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY NEVER HAPPENS BY CHANCE!! In order to produce top quality, tiny, baby doll faced Yorkie puppies, you must breed only top quality Yorkies with those features. I have literally travelled the country in order to find the best of the best. My Yorkies come from some of the top breeders in the U.S. and many of our dogs have an extensive list of champions in their pedigrees.

My primary focus is to breed healthy, sound, intelligent companions with wonderful temperaments. I strive to raise the type of Yorkies that I prefer. I love beautiful heads with baby doll and teddy bear faces. I like small, square, solid, cobby bodies, and correct silk coats. All of my dogs are conformationally correct with dead level toplines and nice movement.

I am a small breeder, so my focus is on QUALITY – NOT QUANTITY! I offer standard colored Yorkie puppies for sale, as well as Parti colored Yorkie puppies for sale. All of our Yorkies are registered with the AKC. My dogs don’t live in a kennel. They are part of our home and and part of our family. Please feel free to give me a call if you should have any questions!