Health Guarantee


I guarantee the health of all Yorkie puppies sold until 1 year of age. This guarantee covers any life threatening, genetic or congenital dissorder. This health guarantee does not cover luxating patellas, as this condition can be related to injury to the dog. I guarantee your Yorkie puppy to be free of any communicable disease for the first 48 hours that the puppy is in your possesion. I do require that you have the puppy vet checked, within the first 72 hours that the puppy is in your possesion. All Yorkie puppies sold are current on their vaccinations and have been wormed. The client agrees to establish health care, with a vet, and to continue a regular schedule of booster vaccines. The client has been made aware of problems with dental plaque in the Yorkshire Terrier breed. The client understands that regular, professional teeth cleanings may be necessary.

If the puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening, genetic or congenital health disorder, I will require an official report from your veterinarian. If the puppy dies while in your possesion, I will require a vet statement as to the exact cause of death. An autopsy may be necessary to determine cause of death, at the client’s expense. I will not be held responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred for this puppy at any time. Should a life threatening, genetic or congenital dissorder be diagnosed, I will replace the puppy or refund the purchase price of the puppy – whichever is the most agreeable to both parties. I withhold the right to have the puppy returned to me, if you want a refund of the purchase price of your puppy.

The client agrees to feed the puppy a high quality puppy/dog food. All dog foods are not the same and it makes a big difference in the overall health and longevity of toy breeds. I strongly reccomend that you refrain from feeding your Yorkie table scraps. I feed my Yorkie puppies “Royal Canin” Mini Puppy. Please have the same food on hand when your puppy goes home. Royal Canin can be purchased at most major pet stores and pet shops that carry quality dog food. Also, be aware that chocolate, raisins, grapes and onions are highly toxic and can kill a small dog.

The client has been made aware that tiny Yorkie puppies can over-stress very easily. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT HEALTH PROBLEMS CAUSED BY STRESS, CAN BE FATAL! ALWAYS let your puppy settle in for several days before taking it on outings!!! I cannot emphasize the importance of this strongly enough! It will be tempting because you will want to show your new puppy off. However, if you have the best interest of your puppy at heart, you will refrain from doing this for the first week or so.

If your puppy should show any signs of illness, within the first 4 months it is in your possession,

CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!! Failure to do so will void this guarantee!!! I require that I be contacted, by phone, prior to taking your puppy to the vet for any health issues (other that the initial 72 hour vet visit). It does not matter what time of day or night. I am available 24/7. (In the unlikely event that you are unable to reach me, at least I will have record that you attempted to call.) A few minutes can mean the difference between life and death when dealing with very small toy puppies.

The two most common health issues that your puppy could develop, after coming home with you, are Hypoglycemia and Coccidiosis. With Hypoglygemia (low blood sugar), keep a close look out for excessive lethargy. If hypoglycemic, the puppy will start acting depressed. You may notice your puppy unwilling to get up or he may be very unsteady on his feet. With more progressed hypoglycemia, he may even be unable to stand. I require that the new owner purchase “Nutra-Stat” (made by Tomlyn) before you take possession of the puppy. This is to have on hand in case your puppy should show signs of Hypoglycemia. The best way to avoid hypoglycemia is to make certain that your puppy is getting enough to eat. Should you suspect your puppy is becoming hypoglycemic, I require that you CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!

With Coccidiosis you will need to keep a close eye on your puppy’s stools. Watch especially for a jelly-like consistency or blood in the stool. Coccidia are intestinal parasites that are commonly present in the intestines of dogs and puppies. When a young puppy is under stress (ie. as in traveling to a new home), the coccidia begin to multiply rapidly and the puppy will become symptomatic. Coccidiosis is life threatening to a tiny, young puppy, if it not treated promptly. Coccidiosis is easily treated with a medication called “Albon”. It is fairly inexpensive, tastes good and is easily purchased from your vet.