Purchase & General Information

Of course, the most common question prospective clients ask is, “How much are your puppies?” This is a much more difficult question for me to answer than you might think. I am not the kind of breeder that says, “Females are x amount and males are x amount.” I price each of my Yorkie puppies based on their own individual merit’s. I usually do not price my puppies before they are ten weeks old. Most Yorkie puppies go through so much changing from week to week. It can be difficult to properly assess what a puppy will turn out to be as an adult. By the time a puppy is ten weeks old, I usually have a good idea of how they will mature as adults. If you are wanting to purchase a Yorkie puppy for less than $2,500, I am probably not the breeder for you. My puppies are priced from $2,500 and up.

MANY factors determine the way I price my puppies: male vs. female, projected adult size/weight, color, coat texture, baby doll face, correct conformation, etc. Females are usually more expensive than males. Puppies that are charting to be under 4.5 pounds will be more expensive than a puppy charting to be 5 to 5.5 pounds. A puppy’s face is a very large factor in pricing. I try to breed for what is known as a “baby doll” face. A baby doll face is one that has a shorter muzzle and usually bigger eyes. A Yorkie that has a baby doll face is one that has that “IT FACTOR”. Once you see a Yorkie with a baby face, Yorkies without it are, frankly, just not as beautiful. A baby doll face will make a Yorkie look like a young puppy even when they grow to be adults. As far as pricing, the more extreme the baby doll face, the more expensive your Yorkie puppy will be.

I am EXTREMELY picky about the dogs that I choose for my breeding program. I also judge my puppies based on some pretty strict standards. I am keenly aware of correct conformation standards, (or body structure) as determined by the AKC and the “Yorkshire Terriers Club of America”. I adjust price accordingly if a puppy has any conformation faults.

I understand that it is difficult to place a deposit down for a Yorkie puppy without knowing for sure what the price will be. Scheduling a visit to see our Yorkies would be very helpful. I do not expect the clients on my waiting list to select their pick puppy until after I have priced them. Deposits are $500 and non-refundable, however, they are transferable to another litter.

I have written this in hopes of answering many of the questions you may have about pricing as apposed to repeating this information over and over every time someone calls or emails to inquire. I realize that you will most likely still have many questions. Please do not hesitate to give me a call. (It is far easier to answer your questions via phone as apposed to email.)