Contract of Sale

BREEDER: Todd Johnson

AKC Puppy Registration #:

AKC Registration #:
AKC Registration #:

SALE PRICE: …………………$
TOTAL DUE: ………….………$
BALANCE DUE: ….…….…….$

Northshore Yorkshire Terriers (NYT) certifies that this puppy is a purebred AKC Yorkshire Terrier. NYT has made application for litter registration and individual AKC papers will be issued to the new owner when NYT receives the registration papers or at the time the new owner takes possession of the puppy/dog. Please note that papers are processed via a third party (AKC). Processing time can vary. However, AKC papers are guaranteed. The new owner agrees that the breeder’s kennel name, “Northshore” will be the first word used on the AKC registration papers. * If there are exceptions or special conditions exist on the sale of this puppy, they will be addressed in detail in the last paragraph of this contract.

NYT guarantees the socialization of any puppy purchased. The puppy has been home raised and been given human attention, played with and loved on a daily basis. NYT will be happy to give the new owner training tips and suggestions on the way we potty train our dogs.NYT can give a stated estimate on what the puppy will weigh at full maturity. Weight estimates are made by using the standard Yorkie Weight Scale which is generally accepted by Yorkie breeders. The size and weight of the puppy’s dam and sire are also factored into the estimate of the puppy’s adult weight. However, NYT in no way guarantees the size or weight of the puppy as an adult.

The new owner agrees that this puppy will not be left alone on a continuous basis. (Example: M – F, 9am to 5pm weekly) If the new owner works outside the home and all family members are gone for more than 6 hours daily, the new owner agrees to have another dog of compatible size for companionship or make arrangements for the puppy to be placed in “doggie day-care”. If NYT learns that the new owner has been misleading on what this puppy’s living conditions will be, NYT retains the right to regain possession of this puppy/dog. It is understood that NYT will hold the new owner responsible for any litigation fees and will not refund any cost to the new owner under these circumstances if legal action must be taken. The new owner agrees to provide for this dog’s emotional and physical care, including annual physical examinations and recommended vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian; nutritious food, etc. The new owner understands that Yorkshire Terriers are known to be prone to plaque build-up on their teeth. Excessive plaque build-up can cause many serious health issues in dogs. The new owner understands that it may be necessary to have bi-yearly to yearly professional teeth cleanings. NYT also recommends (or may require) neutering (males) and spaying (females), unless the dog is to be bred or is intended for breeding purposes. Altered dogs typically live a healthier life and generally have fewer behavioral problems.

The new owner agrees that if at any time they are no longer able to care for this puppy or need to transfer ownership, they will notify NYT first. NYT shall be given first right of refusal to regain ownership of this dog. This does not imply that the sale price will be refunded to the new owner. If NYT should re-take possession of the dog, terms of transfer will be negotiated to what is agreeable to both parties. Should the new owner be unable or unwilling to fulfill any of the above provisions, or if this dog has been neglected, abandoned, or abused, NYT retains the right to reclaim the dog. The new owner agrees to pay NYT any and all expenses, including court costs and attorney fees, if legal action is needed, in order to enforce the terms and provisions of this contract.

Canines are livestock and therefore cannot be returned for any reason other than those stipulated in the Northshore Yorkshire Terriers Health Guarantee. Deposits are non-refundable. All sales are final.

*This puppy is being sold as a pet only on a spay/neuter contract. Limited AKC registration papers will be provided after proof of spay/neuter has been received from your vet. The new owner understands that this puppy is not to be used for breeding purposes in any way.

The new owner and seller, Todd Johnson, understand and agree to the terms stated above.

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